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Lift Modernisations & Refurbishments

Our Service – Lift Modernisation & Refurbishments

If you don’t want to invest in a new lift just yet and still believe your existing one has life in it yet then we are happy to offer Lift Modernisations & Refurbishments to give your life the safety and aesthetic face lift that it needs.

A new lift is not always needed, but to prolong an existing lift’s lifespan requires expertise that not every company has. Adjustments made to an existing lift will incur expenses as well so it is worth weighing up the options of a new lift or a refurbished one.

Our lift installation modernisation and refurbishment means we can successfully make changes to your existing lift to improve their performance by replacing control panels, door updates, health and safety upgrades and much more.

We will initially carry out a survey to identify where any issues may lie with your lift and then supply you with various options that will help you to decide on what steps to take next. We will additionally advise on whether or not your current lift complies with the latest safety standards. Following this, if you wish to proceed with the work, we will ensure that your lift refurbishment is carried out to the highest standard possible, leaving you assured and with safe and reliable equipment.

Not all lifts need to be replaced. The benefits of upgrading your current lift can sometimes far out way the need to replace, when considering the investment in cost, less downtime, less disruption to your premises, more energy efficiency, less effects on the environment, less waste produced and recycled in the first instance and British and locally sourced products supplied.


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